About your HackShield ID

"HackShield ID" is the term HackShield uses for an account.

To participate in HackShield, a player needs an account (the HackShield ID). This only needs to be a player name and password. The player name is only used to display the player's points total in the points overview of all players (Honors list). The player name may be fictitious. The password is stored encrypted. We can't find the passwords either. Only the system matches the entered password with an encrypted password, so that a player can log in. It is therefore important that the player remembers the password well.

HackShield players have the chance to become a Cyber ​​Agent of their municipality. This means that, for example, they are officially honored or act as official representatives of the Cyber ​​Agents within the municipality concerned. The exact interpretation differs per municipality. Not all municipalities are currently looking for Cyber ​​Agents. So keep an eye on the website to see for which municipalities players can register as a Cyber ​​Agent.

When a player wants to register as a Cyber ​​Agent, it is logically necessary to know in which municipality the player lives. That's why we let the player fill in his or her hometown.

A player can also indicate that he/she wants to be reached. In this way, he/she can win prizes and receive invitations to HackShield events, test sessions and development sessions. To qualify for this, parental or guardian consent is required. This is to comply with the AVG law. In addition, we require a valid email address from a parent or guardian who is 18 years of age or older. That way we can contact the player and/or the parent or guardian.