What is HackShield in the Class?

HackShield in the Class is an educational program, made for schools all of the world. Each month a new Quest with a new cyber topic will be available. We call these Class Quests. After every Class Quest you will receive additional Missions.

A Class Quest is designed to use in classes and other groups, where important cyber topics and digital literacy will be dealt with. Topics as: 'What is internet', 'fake news' and 'cyber bullying' will be discussed. These classes give a solid base from where a teacher can dig into these topics together with kids. After school, kids can learn and play more with these topics with the additional individual assignments: Missions.

Every six weeks a new quest will be released, with a new cyber topic to discuss.

Why do you join?

Learning to interact safely on the internet is becoming more and more of a challenge. Think of the growing amount of phishing mails, Whatsapp scams or stolen passwords. But when do you actually learn about this?

HackShield in the Class stimulates students to take matters into their own hands. It educates kids in a fun way and motivates them to protect themselves and others around against cyber crimes. HackShield brings joy and enthusiasm to the classroom, triggers their knowledge and gives you all the tools you need to give a fun class.

This comes with many pro’s:

  • The game enthusiasts students.

  • Kids learn even more if they play the game individually. They learn from each other and you get to understand their perspective even more.

  • Not much for you to prepare, and you’ll get handed over a fun class about cyber crimes, with all ins and outs in a very accessible, interactive way. Every class comes with a lesson letter, which explains step by step the topics discussed in the Class Quest. But, there is even more in there. We added learning goals, discussed concepts and fun video’s to use. Easy does it!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions about HackShield in the Class, or another question about HackShield? These Frequently Asked Questions may answer those! If your question isn’t in these, you can contact us by sending an email to info@joinhackshield.nl.

What are the costs of HackShield (in the Class)?

HackShield is free to play for all kids. HackShield in the Class is available for all schools to use - for free!

What tools and materials do I need to use HackShield in the Class?

With only a digital schoolboard you can play the Class Quests. If you don’t have a digital schoolboard, it is also possible for students to complete these missions in small groups on a tablet or computer.

I have a student who is a Cyber Agent, do I have an advantage?

You sure do! You have someone who can tell you everything about the internet and online safety. If there is students in your classroom who are already Cyber Agent, you can join them in your class by telling the rest of the group what it is like to be a Cyber Agent.

How do I know there is a new Class Quest available?

When we launch a new quest, we will send you an email with an update, on the teacher account you registered with. For sure every month a new quest will come available!

Can I skip a Class Quest and teach it another time?

Yes that is possible. This way you always can reach out to the available lessons when cyber crime topics are in for example the news.